Call me James,

Completely pretentious opening line there!

My name is James and I am a full time chef and a part time photographer, It would be very nice one day to marry the two up, thats taking food pictures as apposed to cooking with my camera equipment!

I love food and I really love photography. Food really does seem to be what makes the world go around and photography can have such a huge influence on the world through this scientific and artistic medium, they are quite similar in that respect.I really hate big businesses that are destroying the high street, using cheap shit food that is buggering up food trades and depleting the global food supply and taking away any chance people have of eating healthily within what they can afford. You know who you are and one day it will have to change it has too we can not go on like this forever. “When all the natural resources of the world are gone you will find that money doesn’t taste very nice!”

This blog is nothing more than my journey of self discovery and noting how things make me think and feel. I get depressed and being at work so much doesn’t help that, so this is my journey to beat this affliction without the aid of medication and expensive costs. If you like this is part of my self medication.

Hope you can take the time to have a read………



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