Badlands to No Mans Land

Four days after an EPA employee retweeted a post about Donald Trumps low inauguration attendance in comparison to Obamas and following an initial order to cease social media interaction the Trump Administration has ordered an effective ‘gag’ order on federal tax funded agencies. The order prevents agencies from giving out any information to the public without prior government screening.
In addition all grant funding and federal hiring has been frozen for the EPA, rendering scientific research and aspiring environmental researchers without financial backing. According to information obtained by the Associated Press no prior consultation with any relevant department was sought.
An eight point memo was sent out to senior staff detailing the new restrictions they must adhere to:
1)No Press releases will be going out to external audiences
2)No social media will be going out. A Digital Strategist will be coming on board to oversee social media. Existing, individually controlled social media accounts may become more centrally controlled.
3)No blog messages.
4)The Beach Team will review the list of upcoming webinars and decide which will go forward.
5)Please send me a list of any external speaking engagements that are currently scheduled among any of your staff from today through February.
6)Incoming media requests will be carefully screened.
7)No new content can be placed on any website. Only do clean up where essential.
8)List servers will be reviewed. Only send out critical messages, as messages can be shared broadly and end up in the press.
A series of protest tweets were published by a rogue on the Badlands National Park Twitter page. These detailed various facts from the agency about climate change including key statistics with regards the condition of our planet. As of writing this they have been removed and the feed has been reset to an earlier time stamp.
Donald Trump has been vocal about his disbelief in the science communities findings on our climate conditions, announcing at a rally his belief that climate change was invented by China. The move advances theories around Donald Trumps wish to prevent scientists from providing potentially conflicting information around fossil fuels. A similar order was tabled by the Bush Administration back 2006 after a long serving scientist called for “prompt reductions in emissions from greenhouse gases linked to global warming”.
At a Press conference held on Tuesday White House Spokesman Sean Spicer was asked if the EPA had been gagged. He replied “I don’t know….We’re looking into it…I don’t think it’s a surprise were going to review the policies, but I don’t have any info at this time.
On the same day reports that Donald Trump had signed another executive order allowing the heavily protested Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) to go through after the former President Barock Obama and the Army Corps of Engineers had ordered for alternatives to be investigated.
The White House Website has been updated with previous policies on climate change omitted. In their stead a revised action plan that includes the repealing of the Climate Action Plan, first established by former President Barack Obama back in 2008 as a way to reduce the effects of climate change.
The White House website claims the abolitions will generate more money for American Workers, purporting that $30 billion in additional wages will “greatly help American workers”. This figure is widely contested so too is the prospective number of jobs it will create.
The revised energy policy plans to tap into the existing domestic supplies found in the shale deposits, this is often extracted using the controversial Hydraulic Fracking method, although the White House policy does not mention Fracking.
The closing paragraph “A brighter future depends on energy policies that stimulate our economy, ensure our security, and protect our health. Under the Trump Administration’s energy policies, that future can become a reality”, shows a signal of what markers Donald Tump intends to pursue.
This could be yet another incident where the Trump administration is attempting to censor facts, running it congruently with a succession of “alternative facts” that bolster reporter Lauren Duca’s early suggestion that Donald Trump is “gas lighting” the people of America.

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