Victory for the Unheard, But a Failure for Democracy

I normally have a lot to say on things political mostly because I am desperately paranoid about government and its control over all my families futures, especially that of daughter. She has at least ten years before she will even be thinking about what happens in politics and how it effects her, I hope.

People have very strong opinions on the way the country is run and even stronger on who runs it. That I respect, as we all have our different reasons for trusting the person in charge and ultimately the party behind them. Difference of opinion and allowing that to be shared and answered with respect is what makes a democracy what it is.

I disagree with the way the referendum has gone. Plainly and simply I feel (after far more research than was probably needed) that currently our status with the EU was better in than out. Not that it was perfect or even good for that matter, but “better together”. I felt very much the same with the Scottish independence vote and had some lengthy ‘debates’ with people about it.

My reasons? I don’t think it was the right move for the UK to leave based on the economic situation globally and the current government within the UK, to me it just isn’t strong enough. We have, for more years than I want to think about, been governed by right wingers, Tony Blair may have worn a red tie but he had a cold blue heart behind it and Brown was an embarrassment. Under that style of rule the NHS and other public services have been squeezed to within an inch of their lives. As have the poor, the less abled, the old, the young and anybody who questions the ‘establishment’. We have seen ‘policies’ put in place to make the country more ‘equal’, that have ultimately alienated so many people from so many walks of life.
I remember reading of a fireman who applied for a promotion to full time work, he was told that as a white male he would be able to apply on day three of the process. Day one was to go ethnic minorities, day two was going to women and finally day three was open to UK born white male. He didn’t get the job as it went on day one, to someone less qualified, but politically it was a wise move for public services. This was under Conservative rule and not the “barmy socialism of Labour”.
My thoughts on this were that the government was to blame for the hand outs and equality based bias that has been delivered and all for votes. Parliament has become a competition with a big cash prize at the end of it for the entrants, that cash prize comes from our pockets. Every penny of income tax, bedroom tax, VAT, alcohol and all the other taxes is being given in some form or another to the people we elect to work for us. I believe they would have the people of the UK blame the EU ‘anti-christ’ that has ‘oppressed’ and ‘trampled’ us down for so many years. I feel a lot of what they say are un-truths and manipulation for personal political gain.

They say that the measure of a persons integrity isn’t if they do the right thing, its if they do the right thing when no one is watching. On that basis I find it particularly worrying when the wrong thing is being done even when they are being watched or at least watching what we are being distracted with.

Lies have brought this event into such disrepute and have left people confused, angry and sadly divided. Whether you voted for or against our time in the EU doesn’t matter. What does matter is that some peoples decisions would have been formed on the basis of dis-honesty and economical truths. Facts have been distorted and allowed to be forced into the public domain where we have been expected to make sense of and come up with a well informed decision.
At the general elections the parties are quizzed hard about their plans and how they are going to achieve them. They are picked apart for every minor detail and left for dead by the likes of Paxman. I remember Ed Miliband being asked if he thought he had what it takes to go toe toe with Vladimir Putin, it was asked in a way that insinuated he was to weak for such an occasion. He may have been, but I didn’t hear anyone quiz Boris about his abilities in such an embarrassing manner. This time the answers were simply rhetoric, utopian fluff and nonsense, that weren’t contested with the same vigour.

These events I can categorise as a victory for the people having their say, but a victory for democracy it was not. A decision so big should have been made with all the facts laid out, then expert opinion should have been there help us digest what we were seeing and hearing, it simply didn’t happen.

It doesn’t matter whether you were in or out, both parties went about the campaign in the worst of ways. If it wasn’t fear it was false promises, if it wasn’t false promises it was more fear. The whole exercise was an attempt to calm the EU storm whipped up by Nigel Forage, which was then followed by a campaign that got out of control and became a megalomaniacal fight for ‘king of the dicks’. That is wrong by anybodies standards and we have been taken for a ride along the way.

Look at the statistics that have come from this. Who voted what and which paper they read is very interesting, as are age comparisons. People are not stupid but we are being force fed information in an overly bias way by people who have a vested interest in the favourable outcomes, after all we should be able to trust the media no? Sadly not, Rupert Murdoch being a case in point.

Please check everything you read and make sure it is true, if it is true then check it is the right figures involved and that there isn’t more to it. They will and do lie, Nigel Forage has already said that the £350,000,000 left over from paying into the EU being spent on the NHS isn’t going to happen. Before anybody says well what power does Nigel Forage have then ask why so many listened to him in the first place then.

Lastly to all of the “immigrants” I have worked with,befriended over the years, will work with, will befriend and all those I haven’t met or never will, don’t take this vote as the whole country not liking your presence, that simply isn’t true, respect has been earned so many times over by all of you. A lot of the leave voters would probably say the same thing as well.

Onwards and upwards, I really hope this turns out to be good and I am proved catastrophically wrong, that would make me smile for real. Yes I would have said this if we ‘won’ as well, not that either outcome could be classed as a victory.

If you read all this congratulations many wouldn’t have bothered as its just another Facebook keyboard warrior spouting their opinion and nonsense. I thank you and hope it hasn’t been too boring, I just wanted to say it ‘out loud’.


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